While being challenged to find the Essentials in life to protect myself and my family from the corona virus I discovered that there was a shortage of hand sanitizer, as many companies could not keep up with the demand. As a chocolatier I'm accustomed to bottling chocolate sauce, so I thought to contact my vendors to see how I could help fill the demand by bottling hand sanitizer.

I should note that I am a licensed Food Safety Handler; which means that I have the credentials to manage a commerical food establishment. A Food Handler's license is a requirement for anyone who has their own food establishment, as it consists of training food managers to protect their patrons from Viruses and Bacteria. Did you know that 99% of all food born illnesses are caused by improper food handling? My license and training has taught me the importance of sanitizing hands and surfaces where viruses live. That is why it is imperative to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and to use a sanitizer for your hands; in addition to, all surfaces that come into contact with food or have the potential to be viral.

Most hand sanitizers that I've seen in the marketplace consist of an average of 70% Alcohol. My Essential Hands Sanitizer has 80% Ethanol Alcohol, so that you can be assured that you are using a safe, potent anti-viral topical sanitizer for your hands. Additionally; Essential Hands Sanitizer can be used to sanitize kitchen countertops, bathrooms and any surface where viruses may be present. The best defense is to be on the offensive, so that you and your loved ones may remain healthy.

I should add that I could not have created the Essential Hands Sanitizer without the support of my husband Stefano and my son Mikele whose loving hands are always there to lend me a hand!

Now it's time to take your health into your own hands with Essential Hands SanitizerTM.

Nancy Grando